Smart School Bell Controller





Simple and easy way to make your traditional school, hostel or any ring bell smart, control and schedule its timing from your mobile/tablet or PC. This is 3-in-1 smart device to control your school bell smartly.

1. Wifi HotSpot – create own wifi hotspot and allow you to connect with it and control the bell.

2. Existing Wifi Network – Connect with your existing wifi network (school/office router) and allow you to control the bell within your wifi network (home).

3. IoT Ready- Connect with the internet and make your device IoT ready and allow you to control the bell from anywhere.

Smart School bell can control nearly any traditional school bells upto 4.0HP (16A).

Basic Features

  • Simple Plug and Play Installation
  • Work with or without internet (hotspot).
  • 14/28 Built-in timers support to setup the school/hostel bell ring schedules.
  • Fully compatible to set all type of school time schedule like 8 periods weekdays and 6 periods weekends.
  • Specific days of week timers support like All Days, Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday only or Friday only.
  • Support timer wise longer and short bell duration
  • One Click Import/Export for timer configurations.
    • Easy to create bell timers profile like regular/pandemic/summer/winter and change it with one click.
  • Simple user friendly interface to configure automatic schedules to ring school bell at any specific times, like at 9:30am or 12:30pm.
  • Auto recover timer from power loss (load shedding).
  • Rugged design for long term use.
  • Very low power operation.
  • Low cost.
  • Compact size, and easy to mount.
  • Works with all traditional type of bells.
  • Support High Ampere bell upto 4.0HP (16A).
  • Android Mobile App and Notification

Advance License Features – Buy

  • Make your device IoT (Internet of Things) ready.
  • Simple Dashboard to ring your bell from anywhere.
  • Voice control with Google Assistant (through IFTTT).

System Requirements

  • Android/iOS/Table/PC with latest web browser
  • Voltage 100-250V AC
  • Max. Input Current upto 16.0 A
  • Max. Input Power upto 3000Watts (4.0HP)
  • Device Max. Power 2.0Watts

Package Includes:

  • Smart School Bell Controller Switch Box
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 6 Months Free Service Warranty
  • Within 7 Days Hassle-Free Returns

Smart School Bell Controller – Timers Config Import – Live Demo

Additional information

Smart School Bell Without Advance Features (License)

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